Two Wire Fire Alarm Systems

These systems are designed for smaller installations and to work with the two wire Detectors, Sounders and Call Points. Two wire systems work by using different voltage bands for quiescent and alarm states, which allow detectors, manual call-points, output modules, sounders and combined sounder / beacons to be connected to the same pair of wires. With the sounders being on the same radial cable as the detectors and as long as you have a minimum of two detection zones there is no need for additional sounder circuits. This makes the installation quicker and more flexible and can result in up to a 40% saving in the installation cost over a conventional fire alarm system. This system can also identify at the panel if the alarm has been caused by a detector or call point which reduces search times over a conventional fire alarm system.

Two Wire Fire Alarm systems


  • Designed for smaller installations
  • Quicker, flexible installation
  • Cost saving on installation